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LISZT COLLECTION: A new fine art and historical collection, with over 200.000 images available

Cover photo:

Birds and Flowers, Edo period (1615–1868), 17th century, Japan, Six-panel folding screen; ink and color on silk, 70 in. x 12 ft. 11 1/2 in. (177.8 x 395 cm), Screens, Kano Tan'yu (Japanese, 1602–1672), Kano Naonobu (Japanese, 1607–1650), Kiyohara Yukinobu (Japanese, 1643–1682), The six paintings on silk bring together bird-and-flower paintings of the celebrated Edo Kano painter Tan’yu and two of his most talented pupils: his nephew Kano Naonobu and the female painter Kiyohara Yukinobu

(c) Liszt Collection /ACI
ID: 7883426

CONCEPTUAL: over 60.000 images, ideal for book and magazine covers

Young chubby man sitting on chair and juggling with light bulbs being genius.
Cover photo: Ivan Chiosea / Alamy / ACI
ID: 8695073

World History Archive, a new historical collection at ACI

A unique collection of historical and cultural images taken from illustrations, paintings, publications and periodicals. Featuring the Desmond Morris Collection, the Ann Ronan Picture Library and the EdiMedia Art Archive.

Topics include History, Science, Transport, Industry, Technology, Politics, War, Agriculture, Social History, Education, Health, Religion, Literature, Music, Art, Key Scientists, Philosophers, Military, Political, Literary, Musical, Personalities.

Cover Photo: Replica gold pectoral in the shape of a vulture; from the Tomb of King Tutankhamen. Howard Carter (1874 - 1939); British archaeologist and Egyptologist who became world-famous after discovering the intact tomb (designated KV62) of the 18th Dynasty Pharaoh, Tutankhamen (colloquially known as "King Tut" and "the boy king"), in November 1922.

(c) World History Archive/ACI
ID: 8712081

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